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Gift Ideas: Best Toy Gifts for Christmas 2015

2015 is about to wrap up but that does not mean we are done with wrapping for the year. No, no. Still got gifts for our children. Whoa, again?! Well, are you sure they’re happy with what they got?

Anyway, if you still have the budget then these toys would surely break ’em children into a wide grin. Yup. Just look at these..

Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic for $204.99 + 8.49 Shipping Fee at Amazon.com
Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic for $204.99 + 8.49 Shipping Fee at Amazon

Well, who wouldn’t like robots, huh, especially a Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic? And what’s nice about this is that its remote control could do over 1,000 action combinations using its ten-button program; its got exciting sound effects with coordinating head movements as well as walking and spinning actions, too.

Plus it could move forward, backward, left and right, and turns — not to mention it could even project a 16 inch (height) image of Princess Leia on the wall. Hah! How cute?!

Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for $599 at Amazon.com
Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter for $599 at Amazon

Still, how about a ‘strolling’ toy or even a ‘traveling’ companion?Hmm… the Razor Hovertrax Electric Self-Balancing Scooter would certainly fit the bill. It features silent, dual hub motors with gyro sensor technology for a super smooth, hoverboard-like ride which reaches speeds of up to 6 mph on a run time of 115 minutes of continuous use. Cool, that would be lots of fun!

Yet although its got an anti-slip foot platform, it’s only ideal for those aged 13 and up with a maximum rider weight of 220 lbs..

Jedi Master Lightsaber for $54.99 at Kmart
Jedi Master Lightsaber for $54.99 at Kmart

Can’t have enough of Star Wars? Then this toy would be the closest thing to being part of the movie, the Jedi Master Lightsaber.

The Bladebuilders system includes numerous components that are compatible with the Jedi Master Lightsaber toy that your child could create over a hundred different and unique Lightsabers with their own imagination. This popular Jedi Master toy comes with a main Lightsaber that features both light and sound effects. It also has two Lightdaggers that are independently-lit, an expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, and a dual and cross connector.

And don’t forget, this set requires 9 AAA batteries: that’s 3 for the Lightsaber and 3 for each Lightdagger. Can you dig it?

Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled for $80 at Amazon
Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled for $80 at Amazon

Now here’s one for the slopes, the Guide Gear Snow Racer Sled. It features sleek wide-track skis, steering wheel and brakes. Kids and even adults would now love navigating downhill even more!

But, but, but be careful. Yes, it may have a foot brake and a strong tubular-steel frame with a retractable pull rope on its 11-pound 56 1/4 x 24 x 17 1/4″ makeup but — you’re still going downhill, so too much fun might make you forget about the dangers a sled poses..

Just a reminder.

Interesting Ideas: Kids’ Toys & Entertainment

How about some variety in children’s toys? Like lesser gadgets and something more that they could “physically get into”..

Hmm… the pocket bike’s cool and something kids would truly love – but how about safety? You may make them wear all those helmets and stuff, still, don’t forget those reminders..

And mind you, it’s not safe for very young children.

Wow! With just plain AAA battery, a small magnet and a bended wire – your kids would surely be entertained! And perhaps be able to think of other positive things they could do with it.

Very clever!

Oh, don’t you think babies would get kinda dizzy? Or what, cross-eyed?? Hah! Yup, it’s hypnotic but too much of such things could harm the baby, don’t you think so?

It’s good for the guardians though – they get their breaks.



Hot Item: Sky Viper Camera Drone

Sure we now have the “selfie” sticks for everyone who likes to take their photos whenever; but for our hot item of the day, let’s take photography to another dimension with Sky Viper Camera Drone.

Cool, huh?!

This time not only do you take pictures but you could take pictures wherever your drone takes you, that is, wherever you want to.

Okay, it may look like a toy, and it is in more ways than one but it’s a lot of fun even for adults as more than taking photos and video of up to 100 feet above the ground – it could also do stunts!

How capable is this camera drone? Well, it could do as much as 25,000 aerial shots, or up to 30 minutes of 640 x 480 resolution recording. Plus you could even share them with friends as it has a media cable included.

Obviously now, the issue here would be the battery life.

Yes, it does have a quick-charge LiPo battery but understandably you would also need the motors to cool down. And that’s after about 6 minutes of flying. Otherwise, recharge after 3-4 minutes, if you got the video camera running.

As for the remote control, it does need 3 AAA batteries which should not really be a problem – for this is – hot stuff!

Gift Ideas: WABA’s Kinetic Sand

All of us, or least most of us would love to receive gifts, and this especially children. So, for today, how about a gift idea for kids?

Nah, forget those gadgets and tablets for now, get physical..

When you watch the video, you’d actually not only be amazed but would feel, what, eww!? Really. Look at the sand. Look at how it could be molded. It’s like our internal organs. Right? Sort of.

Well, anyway, it’s better than just the beach sand since it sticks. And clearly different from clays since it’s softer and less dense. Most of all, the best part of kinetic sand is that it makes your children learn while enjoying physical play. After all, it’s less straining to the eyes.

So, mold your kids like WABA and let them have fun!

Now, while 2.5kg of polybags of sand is priced at $24.99, 5kg is only $44.99 – for more information check out WABA Fun.