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Olango Island. Tinolang Manok. And Rice.

As in many, if not most, little islands — Olango Island in Lapu Lapu, Cebu is peaceful and abound with natural beauty but, obviously also faced with some challenges.

First, being an island off the province’s mainland, potable water presents some kind of problem. Second, transportation. Oh, more than what you’re thinkin’ of. Hey, the island has a means to be connected to the mainland — and that is through pump boats! And within the island? They ‘already’ got their vehicles in.

Yep. The keyword is ‘already’. Meaning, that was before the barge they used to transport bigger and heavier loads got damaged, but that it hasn’t been repaired nor replaced to date — a dilemma that definitely affects trade, commerce and development among others.

The road from the pier to 'eskina'

Save for bread, the high prices of food is proof to it.

'Tinolang Manok' at the 'eskina' eatery

A simple Filipino delicacy in ‘tinolang manok’ is at least 133 percent higher compared to that in the mainland. And we’re not just talking about pricing for ‘tourists’ but for locals as well, that is even for Olango locals!

The eatery at the 'eskina'

Yet as a whole, we could take comfort in their ‘rice’ though. Uhm… A single serving is about enough to satisfy your belly. And if you’re not satiated, you could even get an additional one for ‘free’. Yeah, that is if they ran out of rice and that you could take the toasted bottom.

Till next time.. Enjoy!

YouTube Review: KLM Lost & Found service

Many would be naturally taken away by our featured YouTube video of the week, after all, it’s a lovable dog in the lead role..

However, there are also those who would say that this is just a marketing campaign to woo in more passengers for KLM. Then again, don’t you think most all videos from whatever establishment is just marketing? Then why not be creative?

Yes, finding lost items seems quite hard to believe actually, although we know dogs could sniff bombs and things like that. But sniffing bombs somehow requires only a single scent, finding lost items and matching them with their owners is quite tough considering the differences in human odor and the vastness of the airport.

KLM Lost & Found service has close to 10 million views over at YouTube, and Sherlock the beagle certainly made that happen. Yet if only not to be thought of as a marketing stunt, how about really training and using more dogs to do the finding of lost items?

Airline Review: Airbus A350 XWB

We have seen many photos of this aircraft before.. nonetheless, after 7 months since its maiden flight, the Airbus A350 XWB was brought to the Singapore Air Show last February 10 for us to behold and experience – live!


Oh, could it board that many people on the photo? Well, it’s a pretty large plane that carries from 276 to 369 passengers depending on its variant. After all, XWB means “extra wide body.”

Ah, okay.

Anyway, as a passenger, what  would you want in plane? Is that a question? Comfort and safety, of course, aside from other amenities.


Well, see the plane’s interior? Appealing, eh? That’s the passenger cabin, soon to come though.

Now, this is the economy class. With an 18-inch seat width, it’s good but could still be tight to bulkier people somehow.

Hmm… ever wondered how its flight deck is? Ah, certainly pretty much the same – just like lavatories. Whoa!? Still, what’s more important is some space to stretch and easy to locate controls for the pilots – not to mention, more advanced features.

By the way, this plane uses 25% less fuel compared to the planes we know. That’s good.. just make sure we reach our destination – safe, sound and on time.

Yet, in the end, what good would fuel efficiency do to us if air fares increase citing a more advanced aircraft that we board?

Airline Review: TigerAir

After learning that Singapore budget airline TigerAir sold it’s 40% stake with the losing TigerAir Philippines to Cebu Pacific, I recalled my experience with the said airline sometime last year 2013.

tigerair-planes-sit-onFrom the moment you try to secure a plane ticket, it was not so good.

First, they only got limited flight routes and schedules. And it’s either too early or too late, or you need to take connecting flights to reach your final destination. In short, not so business or customer friendly. Oh, perhaps they could not afford to expand it – management inefficiency. Okay.

Second, after making a reservation online, your next move is to pick up your ticket on flight day, right? Well, you’d be surprised then. Why? Because you would still have to pay for the printout of “your flight confirmation.” Wow, it’s like being robbed! Geez, I thought everything has been taken cared of?!wpid-tigerair1_Edited.JPG

Third, upon boarding the plane, it’s like you’re in a military plane. Imagine the ambiance inside. Probably because of the combination of tight seating spaces, lighting.. yes, lighting.. and the attendants uniforms. Not to mention, the attendants were less accommodating.

Well, these were probably signs that the airline was indeed losing money – in effect, low morale. Such a pity.

Since then, I never booked with that airline again.

Hmm… hopefully, with the Cebu Pacific deal, things would improve.

Survey says ..!!

Survey says ..!!

So, NAIA Terminal 1 in Manila topped the list as the world’s worst airport based on a survey by SleepingInAirports, eh?

naia1 2

Following NAIA were the airports in: Bergamo, Calcutta, Islamabad, Paris Beauvais, Chennai, Frankfurt Hahn, Mumbai, Rome Fiumicino, and Los Angeles. These were based on comfort, conveniences, cleanliness, and customer service according to SleepingInAirports.


Regardless of the criterias, being the worst or the best does not really have anything to do with the place or something, but…

You know what? Design or the airport’s layout has a lot to do with the first two factors plus it boosts the morale of employees which in turn makes them hard working resulting in better customer service and a cleaner terminal.

Then again, this layout doesn’t have to be so, so big; more so, it should not be “complicated” that it would snuff out the enthusiasm not only of the employees but specially of the passengers. Nor, nor should the design contribute into making a disorganized staff as well.

With this, we could say that design truly has a big say in the subconscious of passengers as they will then tend to look at things a bit more favorably… if only flying is not to be stressful as a labyrinth.