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Travel Time: 11 Things To Do In Yangoon (Myanmar)

Our next stop for today would be a country known not only for its devotion to Buddha but also for its “democratic” icon in Aung San Suu Kyi – 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner – and that country is no other than Myanmar.

So, come and let’s join Mark Wiens in his visit to its capital Yangoon..

Wow, what a vibrant street life, huh?! Those delivery trucks just rolling over the local market’s merchandise.. And that “Barbeque Street” says it all. Interesting place to be – 19th Street.

More so, don’t you just love the lake at Kandawgyi Park? Oh, was that some tree in the middle of the lake?? Cool! And the circular railroad is just what you might need to see even more life around the city!

How about the 65 meter reclining Buddha? Just amazing devotion..

Still, one can say our visit would definitely not be complete if we miss out on the Shwedagon Pagoda. Wow, it’s like we’re in the ‘City of Gold’! Hah!

Travel Time: Vientiane (Laos)

It’s travel time once again and for this feature, we’ll be visiting the capital of Laos – Vientiane.

Hmm… Now, what makes a place attractive to tourists? Is it the structures? The spots and activities? Or, is it the beaches and places of natural beauty? Well sometimes, it’s just the combination of everything.. And many times, depending also on where you’re coming from.

So, let’s see what Samuel and Audrey has found out about Vientiane..

Oh, for a very small city and the capital at that – you could expect some extremes, of course. Either too simple or too modern. And in this case, it’s the former that even the closing time of structures and such are a bit early..

Yes obviously, the main tourist attractions being temples and monuments. But wait, guess there’s something even more interesting than the Patuxay (Gate of Triumph).. And it’s the night market that’s so popular you’d even suspect that there’s really no large department stores or malls in the area..?

Well, see it (7:00 video below) as well as the Wat Si Saket temple that Samuel and Audrey missed (1:28 video below), plus others in the travels of Markus Stark..

Know what? It’s just nice to see the Presidential Palace in the midst of the city.. It has its benefits. It also gives a hint of peacefulness of the place..

And it shows. Notice the serenity at the Mekong riverside? People are friendly and are just enjoying the peace.

Surely an intriguing place to visit.

Travel Time: Port Vila (Vanuatu)

Port Vila is the capital of Vanuatu, an island country located in the South Pacific ocean. Port Vila which is situated on the south coast of one of its islands called Efate is, of course, the center of commerce and culture.

And obviously, being located in the Pacific, it’s heavily dependent on agriculture, fishing, and lately tourism as well..

Wow, as we saw in the video, the place is still generally untouched!

Yes, it has its sights like the traditional totem poles, the Vanuatu National Museum, and even a post office – though it’d certainly do good both for the country and its probable investors if they add a few more things so to speak..

Well, that’s for the continued growth of the country at least. As for being a place to visit, what do you think?

If you are seeking a “virgin” island then this is one place to be. The greens are basically untrimmed while the geographical make up provides you with a thrill that could be among your most pleasant memories..

Welcome to Port Vila, Vanuatu!

Travel Time: Annoying Trends in Singapore

Singapore maybe one small country but through the years, its economy has been one of the more stable in Asia..

Yet, while we see all those developments even in recreation, there are said to be also some annoyances that has been trending in recent times as this video uploader suggests..


Perhaps not all of those mentioned maybe annoying to outsiders, or travelers, really. Just funny though.

Still, which ones don’t you like?

The queueing? That must really be agitating. How come they only got one toilet to line up to? Or why would they even need to line up? Unless it’s a terminal or a movie house, you know.

So.. Even not in Singapore, know where the toilets are..