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K-Drama Review: Descendants of the Sun (2016)

One of the most highly acclaimed Korean dramas this year is the Descendants of the Sun which garnered an average viewership of about 28% and just about ranking first in almost every episode aired in Seoul. The drama which stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo had its initial airing last February 24 has even produced 3 special episodes due to its popularity.

The Cast
The Cast

Its supposedly final episode last April 14 got its rating skyrocketing to 40% — thus, justifying its extension. Well, let’s check it out..

Hmm… The plot is actually interesting as it gets. A soldier. A doctor. The former ‘kills’ to preserve order and protect his nation. The latter saves lives no matter what the circumstances are. Both full time professions — always ‘on call’ and occupies most of their waking — in some cases, even sleeping hours. So, is there a chance for them to ‘truly’ fall for each other — and much more, hold on till the end?

Pretty annoying situation, eh?!? 0816 descendants-of-the-sun2-800x450

So then, how could a relationship even survive without much time for each other? If only for destiny, well, that’s it. And it’s just what makes viewers more interested on the “what’s next?”; then again..

While the initial goings were cool especially with the secrets of Song Joong Ki (soldier) — that were eventually found by Song Hye Gyo (doctor) in his disappearing acts due to missions critical to the country’s stability — the never-ending ’emergencies’ in the story kinda gets under your skin. Seriously.

Sometimes, more than the excitement it brings.

Song Joong Ki (L) and Song Hye Gyo (R)
Song Joong Ki (L) and Song Hye Gyo (R)

Right, we’re talking about the events when they were ‘transported’ to Uruk — a fictional war-torn country — where both soldier and doctor finally had time to see each other more often but on a ‘duty’ level. Ugh! On the good side though, this showed their commitment to their profession while testing if such relationship could work out.

Anyway, the filming location was great as it was partially shot in Greece among others; but adding 3 additional episodes became a drag to the drama’s impact with its intensity obviously fading. 0816 abandoned island

Oh, just didn’t like the villain so much, you know it’s like he’s overacting or something — yes, like the two male doctors that were also at Uruk. However, the lead characters really did justice to their roles; and the choice of music was just wonderful, it’d give you those *sighing moments..

Yeah, that this drama even became highly anticipated outside Korea — and exported to 32 countries including the Philippines where it has already been airing since July 25. Hmm…

TV Set Design: Rooftop Prince (Korean 2012)

Living on a higher ground has always been fascinating to many that even hotels and condos recognize this — that’s why the high prices; yet for some, what is it really like to live in an attic? And so we now feature a wonderful 2012 Korean drama, mainly set in a cool attic..

Rooftop Prince. It is about  a Joseon crown prince who, after his wife’s mysterious death, time travels to the future facing unheralded challenges but inevitably understanding the events and eventually finding his fated love. Let’s check out this rooftop ‘design’..

a3 stairs
Yong Tae Yong (Crown Prince Lee Gak) getting down the rooftop stairs
a4 stairs road
Entrance is by the road.. with Park Ha (Bu Yong) climbing up

Well, obviously made for the city. And just the ‘right entrance’ to the rooftop — the side stairs. Otherwise, there’d be no privacy.

a6 roof set
Especially charming at night.. Good lighting and color combination.
a8 entrance
After the main door is a sliding door
a9 living
Love the balcony, notice it?
a10 living
Could there have been a better way to fix the TV?
a11 living
To the right of the stairs is a small dining and kitchen

The design is somewhat ‘box type’ but cool just the same.

a13 dining kitchen
The kitchen-dining area

The dining area normally speaks of how big the ‘family’ is.. Cute, eh?!

a14 entertainment guest room
Entertainment or hangout area
a15 lee gak room
Yong Tae Yong’s bedroom
Yong Tae Yong's bed
Yong Tae Yong’s bed

Beautiful sheets and lighting but could have added a little table..

a18 park ha room 2
Park Ha’s bedroom
Park Ha's dresser
Park Ha’s dresser

Don’t you just love the ceiling?! The ambiance is just refreshing!

If there’s anything to fix, it could only be the living room’s curtain — it’s just a little too green with the yellow beside it. In all, just lovely!

Gadget Review: LG’s Rollable OLED TV

Have you ever imagined that one day there’d be ‘paper-like’ TVs? Yeah, a television so thin you could even roll it! Well, check this out..

That was the wallpaper TV. Cool!! Now, how ’bout an 18″ prototype?

Yes, it is still in it’s raw form but that’s the future we are headed to. How ’bout it??! Then again, why would one want it? Trendy? Handy? Guess, it’s also space-saving. Right. Just wondering how much it would cost when it eventually hits the market..??

But more than the price, one should be aware when disposing or rolling it. Mind you, it can only be rolled on one side and that you got to be careful not to put a dent on it; otherwise, it would have some kinda ‘dead spot’ and would reduce your resolution.

0315 rollable tv

Currently, this 18-inch full color OLED Display has a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels; and LG is aiming for a ‘larger’ one.

Hmm… Other than size or resolution, how about improving on its handling? Like, making it ‘water-proof’?! See, with a rollable TV, expect a number of people to be bringing it with them. And who knows what could happen? Can’t just protect it from rain but dust, too — and other possible vulnerabilities, like heat and ‘weight’.

Should be safe for us.. And durable for the TV.

YouTube Review: Misconceptions From Television

For today’s YouTube feature, let’s check out Misconceptions From Television – one of the more popular videos this week with over 450 thousand views..


Notice something? Most of the misconceptions are crime-related having 6 on the list of 10; with health issues having 2 while politics and worker lifestyle with 1 each..

Well, perhaps this is why crime-related programs are making waves, otherwise trying to make waves.


TV Set Design: A Gentleman’s Dignity (Korean, Set 2)

Last week, we saw the sets of Seo Yi-Soo and Kim Do-Jin. Today, as promised, we shall feature the house set of Im Tae-San, the other bachelor architect in the drama.

Hmm… the above photo is the house from the outside, so let’s go in…


From the entrance alone, we could feel the space and order of the place. After all, Im Tae-San lives with his sister, Im Meari..

Living Room
Living Room
Another angle of the living room...
Opposite angle of the living room…

Look at the living room – neat, huh?! Well-placed dividers, too. The feeling’s just fresh from all angles. Well-lit as well..

Dining Room
Dining Area
Kitchen Area
Kitchen Area

Don’t you just love the wood and color all over the place?!

Work Area and Bedroom of Im Tae-San...
Work Area and Bedroom of Im Tae-San…

Guess this is one area where Kim Do-Jin’s set easily beats Im Tae-San – the work area and bedroom for that matter.

Okay, now let’s take a peek at our last character. The only married man in the group, some of the sets of Lee Jung-Rok..

Living Room
Living Room
Another angle of the living room...
Another angle of the living room…

Well, what do you know, it’s actually in the house of Park Min-Sook, his rich wife. Here, Min-Sook’s resides somewhere in Gangnam-gu – it’s where many of the wealthiest people of Korea lives.


Although, Jung-Rok is a player, he’s also romantic. Nice bedroom.

Inside Mango Six Cafe...
Inside Mango Six Cafe…

Finally, this is where most of the cafe scenes are shot – at Mango Six Cafe – where Lee Jung-Rok actually plays the role of a restaurateur.

So, there you have it folks. Cool, cool sets for a cool, cool drama!

TV Set Design: A Gentleman’s Dignity (Korean, Set 1)

A Gentleman’s Dignity is a 2012 Korean drama about four men in their 40s (of which 3 are bachelors) who have been friends since their teens. The story is some romantic comedy that runs through their careers and love lives from success to failure to happiness.

For this week, let’s visit the cute and cool sets of the 2 lead stars..

House entrance of the lead female, Seo Yi-Soo
House entrance of the lead female, Seo Yi-Soo

Above is actually the entrance of the house in the aerial photo..

Living Room
Living Room

Now, let’s check on the bachelor’s pad of the male lead, Kim Do-Jin..

Living Room
Living Room
Another angle of the living room.. Further ahead is the dining area.
Another angle of the living room.. Further ahead is the dining and kitchen area.
A bachelor's dining area..
A bachelor’s dining area..
Work Area
Work Area

Kim Do-Jin here is a confident architect and you could see it in his pad’s interior design.. solid black colors, abstracts, and good lighting.

Oh, he lives with one of his friends – Choi Yoon, the bachelor lawyer (the guy in the dining area) who still doesn’t have a house.

Next week, we shall visit Im Tae-San, the other bachelor architect..

TV Review: Nine (Channel M)

Actually, the series is not yet over, at least in Channel M. And I’m talking about the Korean drama Nine 9 Times Travel; then again, the teaser is just so romantic, it would be a sin not to feature it.

Okay, many may not understand what they are saying as there are no subtitles; but then, romance in its purest form has only one language..

And there you see.

Now, the problem with this drama is not in the drama but the TV station or perhaps, Cignal.. The episodes just keep repeating forever that suddenly the drama has become snail-paced.

Well, hope they could just keep airing it without delay, then just repeat Nine from the beginning if they wish.

Fashion Watch: Kendall Jenner

Many may not know it, but our featured celebrity for this week’s fashion watch is actually one of Kim Kardashian’s half sister – Kendall Jenner.

Coming from a family of celebrities, Kendall started her modelling career in 2010 when she first appeared in Paper magazine’s “Beautiful People” series.

Although Kim Kardashian is more popular, yes because she came in much earlier for one – Kendall, now standing at 5’10” has been slowly catching up especially in the world of fashion.

Courtesy of E!

Here in her featured photo, we can see her in the streets of Paris as someone obviously stylish that only a model could impress.

Yeah, with just those simple stripes – those black bag, high heels and sunglasses has certainly found its way to make an impression. Not to mention the perfect hairstyle for such an outfit.

Hmm.. it’s some style you can carry just about anywhere.. worth going to.

TV Review: Jessica & Krystal (Channel M)

It may have been almost 2 months since the last episode of Jessica & Krystal, but the effects of the show lingers on..

Yes, the show is just about real-life Korean sisters who are celebrities themselves. Jessica Jung being a member of the famous Girls’ Generation, while Krystal Jung as a band mate of f(x)..

But then, the appeal of their every day life is quite strong that it got a 4.6% online-streaming rating for its first episode – which was said to be 15 times higher than the channel’s previous program.

Oh, then again, what exactly makes this program appealing that 2 months just seems so short? Yea, we want more.

Hmm.. guess, their girly talks and adventures for one. On the other hand, their being sisters doesn’t really give much dent as it’s a show. So whatever they have between them could be made up more easily.

In all, people just loves to look at what celebrities think and do – that even their mannerisms seem so cute..

Jessica is just something like a princess. Krystal.. a darling.

Tim Cook and Apple TV

Apple TV has already upgraded its version to 7.0 ..and here’s what head honcho Tim Cook has to say about their kind of TV..

Hmm.. for consumers, there’s a couple of things to note here on what Cook said.

One. TV is stuck in the 70s as interface is simply terrible. Two. Apple has added more content so one has more things to do.

Guess what, TV nowadays as we can see is becoming like a giant computer – at least for tech companies that is.

Apple’s version 7.0 provides that photo uploading feature in iCloud and utilizes Beat Music for every fan to enjoy.

Then again, if technology is just concerned about what application it could add (of course) – then it’s no longer a real TV but a hybrid computer. Don’t you think so?

The controls...

Oh, it has movies? Music videos and things like that? Well, that’s what computers are noted for in the entertainment side of things. Not to mention the games.

TV is about the regular programs it airs. See, no matter how technologically advanced your TV is.. If programs take the backseat then your TV is no TV.

And it’s not about being stuck in the past. Want a good TV? Talk to your local TV stations. Really.