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Food Review: Kalua Pig (American)

Compared to other roasted delicacies like the Lechon from the Philippines which takes about 6 hours to cook in an open-air rotisserie of sorts, Hawaii’s Kalua Pig takes around 16-20 hours to do on low heat..

Oh my, let’s take a look..

Yup, pretty tedious. And to think that it’s just roasting – and you could even chop the pork in pieces! Notice the video? The pork was cut and put on some tinfoil-wrapped container before they were placed on that hole.

Well, on the positive side though, the recipe only has three ingredients in the Hawaiian sea salt, liquid smoke flavoring and the pig or pork itself..

And depending on your preference, you could rub the pork with either the Hawaiian black sea salt which has that earthy flavor; or the Hawaiian red sea salt which is sweeter.

However, considering its lengthy preparation, the ideal time for having this recipe would then be on occasions like camping where you could have the Kalua as some sideshow – or for building camaraderie.

At the end of it all, it’s still absolutely a delicious dish worth all your effort. Meat just so tender!


Food Review: Donuts (American)

How many of you loves donuts? How many of you knows how to make donuts? Well.. it’s your lucky day as we would be featuring one of America’s tastiest simple food, so let’s see how it’s done..

Simple, right?

Even first-timers and youngsters could get it done. Really. It’s all in having the right amount of ingredients – that’s the key to anything simple.

Once you overload it with one, you then have to adjust at least some of the others; otherwise, you could ruin it to your taste. Anyway, in donuts, one flavor-determining ingredient is the egg – so, don’t you forget that. And of course, other key flavor ingredients would be whatever flavoring or filling you wish to have..

In this case, Ros and Ingrid just did the Simpson’s Glazed Donuts.

Now, just make sure of your oven’s temperature and timer!


Food Review: Frikadellen (German)


Well, that means hamburger in German. And that’s our food feature for the day – the world’s 42nd most delicious food. And Germany as said to be the origin of the recipe, back in Hamburg.

If you sort of think about it.. isn’t it too simple to be among the most delicious food? Just a burger patty? Grounded meat and fried?

Then again, don’t you notice how popular burgers are the world over? If so, then it must be good. See? It’s not simply meat in a bun.

Besides, here, we are talking about German burgers which instead of buns – it is normally served with German fries, buttered noodles, or buttered Spätzle (Swabian pasta) – plus some fresh salad.

Two things though. One. German burgers are generally not just one meat but a combination of meat being beef, pork and/or veal. Two. Although ingredients in a pack are okay, it would still taste much better if we are to use “fresh” ingredients..

Just don’t toast your patty. Enjoy!


Food Review: Ice Cream (American)

At number 15 on the world’s most delicious food is the United States’ first entry, the Ice Cream. And yet with the many flavors that has evolved, vanilla and chocolate continue to remain at the top of the surveys.

Hmm… In all our previous food reviews, we at least showed you how to go about with the recipe, but then..

Strawberry has always blended well with chocolate

Here, it is ice cream. And unless one is actually in the business of manufacturing and selling ice cream, nobody would really be that interested in making ice cream than buying it.

Banana split, one of the all-time favorites

For one, it’s not just like the Philippine halo-halo or the Vietnamese che where you basically mix your ingredients with crushed ice..

It’s ice cream done from liquefied nitrogen. So?

Just buy one and enjoy!

YouTube Review: KTLA St Patricks Day Earthquake 3/17/2014

For those who have never experienced a natural calamity like an earthquake, the reactions you would see in this video will somehow be amusing; but for those who have experienced such, we all understand and feel what they went through.

Of course, the “shaking” varies especially when you’re in Japan or in the “ring of fire” areas.. that what KTLA experienced which was said to be a 4.4 magnitude is almost a second nature kind of thing.

Nonetheless, what makes this YouTube video special is not simply the over 9M views but the professionalism shown by the people of KTLA. Yes, they got scared as they probably got shook for the first time in their lives, and so they took cover. That’s okay, it’s normal. Yet just after the tremor, they went back to what they’re supposed to do whether there’s more shaking to come or not. Good.

Okay, for those in doubt of the authenticity of KTLA St Patricks Day Earthquake 3/17/2014 video… ask those who live in the area if it really happened. Did we see any such accusation especially on social media? I suppose not.

Bottom line is.. in earthquake regions, it would definitely help if there are more courageous and professional individuals to serve the good of the people.

TV Review: Boys Before Friends

If you have seen the Asian drama Boys Over Flowers, then you’d certainly have an idea on how the American version would go about…


…and, it’s all about bullying, gangs, friendship, and of course, crushes and relationships.

But does that mean that it’s then useless to watch this drama? Of course not. See, though there may be films and dramas that are similar among countries, we are differentiated by culture.

This means, responses to situations would vary as things would largely depend on.. well, on how each of “our society” actually operates.


Hey, this is more than just drama.. but an opportunity for East and West to better understand each other.


Unfortunately... Boys Before Friends is said to be in danger of not being able to air all 16 of their episodes due to lack of funds (?). Check them out to learn more.

TV Review: CNN

cnnawardspicOkay, it’s the Golden Globes.. and we’re reviewing CNN? Hmm…

Well, news programs may not be hosted by celebrities but hey, it’s news, it’s current events. We need it to know what’s going on in and around our locality, and across the globe. Yes, of course, they do have news about the Golden Globes – don’t worry.


Anyhow, we all know CNN to bring up-to-the-minute news worldwide yet what makes it among the giants in the news industry? Or, what makes a network an effective one?

The most obvious reason would be – CNN has scope. Meaning, it’s aired (and its reporters are) everywhere.. or almost everywhere. This is especially important in bringing not just interesting news but urgent news.

If a network or an entity does not have such scope, it could instead reinvent itself to something like an “analytical” organization; first, by having great minds to examine situations among others. Sounds like “private investigation”, eh?

Two. To be effective, you have to go with the times. You got to have online presence. A website. RSS. Social media. This would somewhat help you with the “scope” issue (if you have issues) as now you would have more reach. Engagement is crucial, just know your limits.

Three. Prominent anchors and hosts are built through scope and reach over time (they’re not really popular upon taking their desks), and that’s the reason why we know almost everybody in CNN – because of the first two reasons.

The difference really is on how these hosts present issues..

..and this is also the reason why networks slip – it’s when their anchor or host is “not well-liked” by the public. And it’s about being jolly or what. More than being engaging, hosts should at least be able to ask “intelligent” questions in a down-to-earth yet dignified and not arrogant manner.

Viewers, ratings, sponsors, and partnerships follow when you have built a good foundation; otherwise evolved well. And as it is, CNN may be good but it’s in a race with FOX and MSNBC.

Good for the viewers.