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Travel Time: Okinawa (Japan)

Vacation time! Well, at least for Ryosuke and Grace, a Japanese and American couple who has taken serious pay cuts to start working at home.. and now, just had a great time in Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan which is really just above Taiwan.

So.. Come, let’s join them!

Basic video, huh? Needs to improve on┬átheir presentation. One good thing though is it’s realistic as it can get.. Notice the reaction of Grace when she ate seaweeds for the first time? Hah!

Touring downtown Okinawa though showed one island without the complexity of those usual advanced countries. Nice. Simple.

And quite breezy too.. typical island. Just great for those retreats and bonding moments. Look at the beach, the sand, the waters.. Wow!

Perhaps it’s time to starting booking..

Travel Time: Holiday in Trincomalee (Sri Lanka)

The first time I’ve been to Trincomalee (eastern coast of Sri Lanka) was when I was still a kid.. I fondly remember the wonderful beaches, the fresh and delicious seafoods as well as the friendly people we met in our visits. Indeed, it was a grand time..

Many years later, I found a video that somehow resembled our sojourn..

Oh clearly, Dhanushka and everybody else had a great time, huh?!

Yup, while the place hasn’t really changed like some drastic development.. Well, you still get to enjoy the same things many years back. You know sometimes, being in a familiar place once in a while is all you’d really need to reenergize..

And Trincomalee is just that place to be.