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Consumer Videos: Simple DIY Healthy Snacks

Guys, it’s snack time! Now, who doesn’t like snacking?? Well, food is certainly one of those things we crave for — especially sweets and sometimes the ‘out of this world’! And nowadays, the trend has pointed to more healthier food.

Here now are some healthy snack ideas you could ‘do-it-yourself’..

Wow, very tempting yet healthy! Not to mention, easy to make..

It would be interesting to try the peanut butter and jam yogurt cups though as to the chocolate mixes. For one, we already know how chocolate tastes.. Just delicious! Variety would then be good.

Oh, frozen grapes! May not be a new idea but sooo gooood indeed! Guess, Olga just liked to use a bit more fruits here. And like Sarah, chocolate again plays a role in satisfying that sweet tooth. Yep, it is healthy! The real quality ones that is.. As most of these treats are free of refined sugar.

So, which one is your favorite? In both videos, we could see the value of bananas as a big part of not just healthy food but one that could make us ‘full’, satiated. It was just a matter of adding other delightful ingredients to make it, hmm… less boring and more tasty. Hah!


Gadget Review: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

What we normally think of tablets is just, you know, games and stuff. Like as simple as having a bigger screen compared to a smartphone, of course, but with the power of a computer — though it’s just a little smaller than laptops where we could comfortably type.

But this one, dubbed as ‘The Ultimate Video Tablet’, Yoga Tab 3 Pro actually has several features that not regular tablets could offer; and the ‘ultimate’ of which is possessing a 70″ built-in projector. Wow!


For gamers.. Yep, nothing to worry. It’s got a 2 GB RAM which could accommodate just about any popular game we have today.


For movie and music lovers? Well, the nice thing about this is that you could actually ‘hang’ it, so even if you’re doing something, you could still enjoy its 4 JBL speakers with Dolby Atmos along with its 10.1″ QHD (2560 x 1600) screen — and it’s even splash proof!


For photo junkies. Okay, it’s still the regular 13 MP rear camera and the 5 MP front cam. But hey, it measures 9.72″ x 0.18″ x 7.05″ and is only 1.47 pounds with a capability to stand!


For heavy users, hmm… How does an 18+ hour battery life sound? Cool, eh?! It’s got a 10200 mAh after all. And it’s powered by an Intel Atom Quad Core processor. Yeah, with Android 5.1 as its OS!


But, do you think this would sell like hotcakes at $479.99? Really?!? The projector thing is just too inviting that one wouldn’t even mind if the splash proof design could really last. Or if apps are running while you play with RAM-hungry games. Or even if the tablet could blow up while cooking.. Whoa!?

What matters is that you are aware of the gadget. And would really take care of not abusing its features. Only then would it be worth it.

Food & How To.. Eat Sushi!

Many may have thought that ‘eating’ is just as simple as putting food in your mouth and chewing it — especially for something like the Japanese Sushi — but wait, it’s in fact a little more complex than you think. Let’s check out Chef Naomichi Yasuda as he teaches the ‘proper way’ to eat Sushi..

Hmm… Interesting here would be the ‘temperature’ factor as the Sushi could taste different depending on where you’d eat it. Wow, so don’t you think there are those who might not even try Sushi at all? Hah! ‘Cause for one, hey, this is just too meticulous! Then again, you wouldn’t be reading this, much more watching the video if you’re not aware of Sushi’s value. So..

Anyway, as we know Sushi is just composed of the seaweed wrapper, rice, wasabi, fish, some scallion and ginger. It is rolled into like a ‘rice cake’ (Sushi rolls) and cut before being served.

Normally, we just dip it into the soy sauce and that’s it. But actually.. Actually, you also just have to ‘lightly’ dip one side of it only ‘without shaking off’ the soy sauce. More so, ginger is not to be taken at the same time but as a ‘follow up’ after the Sushi goes in your mouth.

Okay, don’t worry about the chopsticks if you’re not used to it — just use your fingers and enjoy!

Consumer Video: DIY Dental Braces?

Heard of one recent trend? The ‘do-it-yourself’ dental braces stuff? Oww! Exciting??? Well, talk about ‘blind’ courage, let’s see this..

Just rubberbands, wow! While there are those who’d even blame ‘dentists’ for not supporting this ‘trend’ as for the supposed ‘money’ reasons, hey, the non-support is legitimate.

Wanting to save on dental procedures to beautify yourself may in fact hurt you.. yup, it could cost you not just better looks but more money for possible repairs. For one, since it’s rubberband, ‘alignment’ wouldn’t be that precise.. Got the point?

So, don’t try this. For your sake.

Consumer Videos: Keys and Locks

Many of us must have experienced having lost or forgotten our keys, so how do you enter your house then? Call a locksmith? Well, that’s a natural reaction if you don’t have duplicates; then again, worry not as there are ways to open your locks with some simple items.

Here’s a few of them..

Bobby Pin: Apply minimum torque to the tension wrench, insert the bobby pin into the key way, make use of a vibrating motion, or scrubbing over the pins, after a few seconds, try to apply greater force to the tension wrench to turn the plug. If the pins do not set after several seconds, release the tension wrench and do it again. (szxxxx)

For this lock, a paper clip was used. And as we can see, it’s all about feeling and pushing ’em up. Basically the same principles really.

In the end, it would be good to know how keys are copied and made.. yes, not just for ’emergency’ purposes but for your safety as well.

In Style: Rainy Day Make-up

While it’s summer in other parts of the world, here, it’s the rainy season. All those storms just lashing out islands and properties and things like that..

And that even on a simple rainy day, it affects poise and beauty. So, how do you go out then, and still be able to maintain your looks, more so look great?

For this feature, we shall check out how to do that rainy day make-up as presented in Pony’s Beauty Diary, a Korean collection of videos on beauty tips hosted by Park Hye Min.

Notice how important your beauty foundation is? Clearing stuff and using the right products? Ahh, of course you could switch to alternatives to be more cost-efficient but remember to take note of the active ingredients.

Use the free trial and even smell them if possible..

In the end, Rainy day make-up is making sure your make up could withstand the rains.. and still look in style.

Consumer Video: Making a Bikini out of a T-Shirt

Last time we featured Giannyl, she turned men’s underwear into a sports bra; this time, let’s see her make a bikini out of a T-shirt..

Wow, how creative and sexy, huh?!

Well.. Just like making a sports bra, more than just using clean fabric, make sure you use a ‘thicker’ shirt; unless you just want the bikini you created to act like a scarf or an accessory of sorts then thickness won’t really matter.

Yes okay, Giannyl stitched layers of the shirt, so consider it too. Then just make sure you tie them up well..

You wouldn’t want your bikini to slip off when you take that plunge.

Fashion Watch: New York Fashion Week 2015 Highlights (Fall | Winter)

Hmm… How about some action on the runway? The fashion runway. Sometimes it’s better, huh, as you get a glimpse of those outfits in 360 degrees. And so for this issue, let’s take a peek at some highlights of the 2015 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week..

Look at ’em Fall clothing, many of them could actually be ‘worn’, well, that’s if you could afford it. Otherwise, you could wear some similar styles, you know.

Now, how ’bout those headbands? Hmm… Don’t you just love those plain, dark designs by Mariale M?

Just wonderful.

Consumer Video: Making a Sports Bra out of Men’s Underwear

Wanna see something creative? Well, today we are gonna feature some ‘ingenuity’ that could actually save you girls some money. Yeah, that’s right. And it’s about making a sports bra out of men’s underwear..

Okay, several things here though..

One. Don’t use a dirty or worn out underwear, it would only make you look lousy and worse, gross. Two, if you want to buy a ‘new’ men’s underwear to convert it to a sports bra, why would you?! Ha! Nah, it’s okay if only to be creative. See, in some cases, men’s underwear may even be cheaper than a sports bra. Three, try to cut neatly to make the transformation more ‘appealing’. Otherwise, see if you could stitch lightly.

And speaking of ‘appealing’, don’t worry that you’re actually wearing a man’s underwear for a sports bra unless you just wanna show off (for then, people would surely notice the bra’s ‘crudeness’ more than its ‘ingenuity’), or unless you ‘cross’ any of the three reasons previously mentioned.

In the end, be confident. It’s still a wonderful creation.

Consumer Video: Unclog Your Sink Without Chemicals

Here’s something many of us must have experienced.. A clogged sink. And what do you do? Prick it with a long stick? Or what, call a plumber? How about unclogging your sink without utilizing either?

Let’s then see what Rare Life has in store for us..

Hmm… just vinegar, baking soda and boiling water – and your sink is unclogged. Well, it pays to be attentive in school! Just don’t forget the 15 minute waiting period..