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Movie Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

Looking for a super hero movie to watch? Well, sure you must have seen Wonder Woman! The world has — in fact, it has raked in more than $200M at the box office so far.

Still, how did you find the film? Us, we found it cute especially when Diana kept asking where the war was, or where Ares was. Okay, then let’s have some refresher with this trailer before we move on.

The Synopsis. Before she was Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, Diana meets an American pilot (Chris Pine) who tells her about the massive conflict that’s raging in the outside world. Convinced that she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home for the first time. Fighting alongside men in a war to end all wars, she finally discovers her full powers and true destiny.

Steve Trevor and Diana

Hmm.. This is just one of those few films where both the patrons and the critics have appreciated it. We say, it’s clean. Even their costume is. It’s got a good plot — as it’s good to start a ‘possible’ series on how everything really began. And it’s got some real cool action scenes, too! Not to mention the perfect choice in Gal Gadot to play the role of Wonder Woman. See, being an Israeli, Gal’s features was just right for someone who is from a fictional island like Themyscira — more so, her accent was more believable to the audience since the Amazons lived in isolation.

And yes, this was dramatic indeed! That’s right from the first battle when Robin Wright (General Antiope, Diana’s aunt) got up in the air and struck 3 arrows on the intruders. Then another Amazon flying and this time throwing out two daggers. Cool, right?! Even Wonder Woman’s using of the lasso in her fights was awesome! Especially when she trampolined to destroy the bell tower with her shield!

Still, we got some questions, too. Like, one, aren’t Wonder Woman’s magic cuffs too long (not to mention, it emits power too when all it really is is for shielding bullets or things like that)? Well, more than Lynda Carter (TV’s Wonder Woman) having a shorter cuff, a longer one can’t just be for style — ‘cause didn’t you notice when Diana accompanied Steve back to London? It’s like she was uneasy with them, you know, it sort of limits her movements. So, they could’ve made the cuffs like malleable when not in use. Magic, after all!

General Antiope leading her warriors

Two. It may not be a focus in the story but wouldn’t the Amazonian women grow old while some would also die in battle? So what would happen to their population? There should be some explanation to it somehow as it would then give us an idea on what could happen to Diana. Three. How about her sword, was that it? Like, it just melted when Diana struck it to Ares? What happened to Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) saying that it was something that could kill a god? Oh, guess she was kinda tricked as only a god could kill another god, huh. Four. Did Steve just die, that’s it? ‘Cause after the war, there was nothing but a picture of him on the bulletin board. There should have been some flashbacks. Five. Having the ability to jump so high along with possessing unusual strength is more believable based on what we know of Wonder Woman — but floating in the air or flying, how could that be? It’s like changing the story all together.

Queen Hippolyta and Diana

Anyway, the negatives. While Ares’ power was magnificent, we did not really like how he transformed. Like, more than robot-like, Ares looked like a too simple and ugly scrap metal walking gingerly in his battle with Wonder Woman. Also, instead of making movie goers feel the loss of Diana’s dying aunt, we actually found the scene ‘funny’. ‘Cause Diana just kept asking ‘what’ to her gasping aunt.

In the end, the moral lessons were something movie-goers should have especially paid attention to. It’s not just as simple as ‘only love can save the world’ — for it’s like a cliche then. But those lines Diana uttered before the love thing. That within man is darkness and light, and that it’s our choices that’s what we make of life..

Fulfilling her destiny

As standing up for what we believe in regardless of outside opinions is what really sets the foundation towards our true destiny.


Movie Review: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016)

Today is the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — and what a line we saw in movie theatres! Yep, as expected this is one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

But also, it’s not surprising that most critics dislike the movie. Why?

Feel for Ben Affleck, huh? You know, he might actually be the most effective Batman to date but why the reviews? Notice those critical comments on the video? That the film’s just too aweful though still 97% wants to watch it. Hah! Of course. For one, these are among the most ‘beloved’ superheroes of all-time; so no matter the review, people would still watch this. It would still be a box office hit!

Then again, you know what makes the movie ‘subtly’ not good?

Lex Luthor? Lois Lane? Hmm… The movie just messed up the heroes by making them go up against each other. The ‘good’ cape crusader we know against the ‘good’ man-of-steel we know. Have they run out of stories? Or just trying to make things more intriguing? Sadly, it’s superheroes or supposedly good people ‘distrusted’ each other — that’s what was pictured out. So, is that good?

Seems the production just included Wonder Woman to spice up the film, just in case. Yeah!batman-v-superman-trailer-gives-us-our-first-good-look-at-the-new-wonder-woman

And ‘just-in-case’ indeed! See, their acting is okay — just didn’t like the choice of Luthor. Could have been someone a little older to portray ‘cunning’ more effectively, or perhaps his hair just wasn’t so cute? Hah! But more so, the plot has turned those ‘faithful’ into ‘radicals’. Hey, instead of makin’ ’em fight each other, they could’ve just brought in the whole ‘Justice League’ — just like other ‘group’ superheroes, that’d really be nice!

Anyway, if you like ‘power’ and ‘action’ — T’is still fun to watch!

Movie Review: Batman vs Superman (2016)

In case you have not heard of it yet, Batman vs Superman‘s movie premiere has been moved from June 2015 to May 6, 2016.

BATMAN-SUPERMAN_FILM_DC_WARNER-BROS_Reason: Ben Affleck who is playing the role of Batman reportedly hurt his leg. And as he said they want to do it right, so they are not taking any chances. Could be the stunts, huh? Or could it be that Warner Bros. is contemplating on bringing in the Justice League?

Nonetheless, thinking about it..

The “caped crusader” and the “man of steel” in one movie. Oh! Isn’t that great?!! Movie-goers all over the world must be pretty excited about the movie that hearing this delay may have resulted in, well… a sigh.

Actually, the movie is said to start with Batman at odds with Superman because of… should we call it, “territorial” dispute? Then again, of course, they eventually end up being on the same team. After all, their real enemy is crime, bad people and stuff. You should know that.


Obviously, to put any two superheroes together, the plot would expectedly center around “territory” before responsibility. Unlike if it’s a team of superheroes – they would more of operate on vision, maximizing their powers, and teamwork.

And so, this is what makes this movie interesting.. if these two superheroes were to have a spat and fight, who would win? Many would favor Superman, of course. Hey, only kryptonite could kill him, right? But then, wait. Superman is said to be younger, and Batman, the more experienced warrior. So, it’s gonna be a battle of wits rather than brute. Ah, real interesting, eh?

Oh well…

Overall, what could further spice up this film, more than having human love interests, is the inclusion of Wonder Woman. O, really? Ah..