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Top Travel Tips: How to Go on a Business Trip

Obviously, not all trips are just about fun and adventure – some do happen on emergencies while others travel for business or work reasons.

Yet for this article, we shall be focusing on the business or work side of globe trotting – and tell you, this is more than just wearing a suit and making a fashion walk. It’s about the practicalities of business travel from a real leader’s standpoint – as there are those who take business travel as some ‘escape from work’ or even for flirting.

You are on a business trip because it’s a ‘business’ trip. Be responsible and accountable.
  1. Do not go on a trip just for the sake of going on a trip. If you are really dedicated to your company, then you should weigh in the benefits, costs and urgency of traveling. After all, we are well into the internet age where realtime conversations are not just possible but even free. You should know that.
  2. Develop contacts in the travel industry, obviously, to make travel processing easier, cheaper and faster for anyone in your company even upon quick notice. This is important in emergencies since business can sometimes be very unpredictable as is traveling, so do not forget to secure a travel insurance as well.
  3. Be an informed traveler. Like, not just being aware of travel warnings but understanding the culture of your destination – of course, especially on the business side of things, from attitude to communication style to social engagements to gift-giving and all.
  4. Elaborate a goal-oriented yet flexible travel plan beforehand. Stick to your itinerary. And forget the leisure part of traveling (unless it’s in the partner or client’s culture which you should understand firsthand) until you complete what you are supposed to do in your destination. Business before pleasure.
  5. If you have more than one destination, be on the next one at least 36 hours before the scheduled meeting for better preparedness. Thence, regularly keep in touch with your office and the people you would be meeting with. Communicate and coordinate.
    If all you’d do is sleep, drink or entertain yourself and just work an hour, just go for the economy class (even premium) instead and chat with ‘consumers’.
  6. Being practical has its rewards, too. Travel on business class only when traveling with an important client. Think costs and help your company by trying to forget legroom unless you are a frequent flyer with far better mileage programs or so.
  7. Have a quick meeting with your team. Delegate accordingly and make sure there are enough operational resources while everyone knows their priorities and responsibilities before you leave. And do not forget about your secretary’s “to do” tasks.
  8. If you are not the head, make sure someone could temporarily take your place. Leave instructions and whatever files needed to do the job. And review with your boss your basic itinerary.
  9. Double check your company and travel papers, sample product and whatever equipment or gadget you may bring. Make sure your papers are complete and your equipments are working.
  10. Try to make a duplicate of all your documents especially important papers and travel documents. One set should basically be with you at all times or as necessary, while placing the originals in your hotel’s front office safety vault for safekeeping.
    Next to yourself, your papers are most important – be sure you have an inventory of them.
  11. As always, keep your stuff to a minimum with just the necessary pair of suits or formal attires, footwear, a couple of casual wears along with your grooming or beauty kit.
  12. Of course, inform your family the what, where and when of your trip including your hotel bookings, scheduled return date and the preferable time you could be contacted. Just update them if there would be any changes.

Remember, you are the company, be a good and proud representation of it.

Top Travel Tips: How To Travel as a Migrant

We all know what has been going on at the US border for the past several weeks or so; from a migrant ‘caravan’ that started in Honduras to the struggles that they had to deal with along the way to the issues and reality they had to face upon reaching the US-Mexican border.

Yet well, the most common reasons why migrants leave their home countries are: 1) To escape persecution or violence, and 2) To have better opportunities. While many who are part of the caravan (or migrant crossers) are asylum seekers and therefore are looking to immigrate, it is actually the lowly contract workers who temporarily leaves their families for overseas work that faces a greater risk of being exploited or discriminated.

With that, let’s go through the basics on how to travel as a migrant.

We’re all travelers in this world, whether to live or work – give everyone the opportunity they seek.
Overseas Workers
  1. Make sure your employment agency is legally recognized. Thus, check out the government offices responsible for the listing of recognized employment agencies.
  2. Do not just pay fees, give away your documents or sign anything if you have not thoroughly verified the agency and the job offer. Make sure you understand ‘everything’ there is.
  3. Secure your passport and other travel documents only from the Department of Foreign Affairs, or government agencies and authorized offices that is responsible for such. Avoid fixers.
  4. Do not bring anything or agree to bring something that you do not really know of or is, otherwise, prohibited.
  5. Try to familiarize yourself with the language and culture of your destination beforehand. Likewise, be sure to know where your country’s consulate office is and make them know you’re there.
  6. Contact whoever you know who lives or works in your country of destination in advance if possible. More than having someone to keep you from being lonely, this would ease your transition to your new environment – from knowing where the market, hospital and everything is to digesting the cost of living.
  7. Live and work in peace. Follow the laws. Respect the culture. Be friendly and build good, healthy relationships.
    Never harass migrants, they have rights; besides, they could be valuable nation-builders, too.
Migrant Caravan
  1. Make sure you brought all your proper identification papers and pertinent documents – and be sure to keep them safe and ready.
  2. Be responsible for the person(s) and things you brought with you, as well as the people you are with (remind them to be respectful).
  3. Do not vandalize, destroy properties, abuse the environment or leave trash on wherever you may transit.
  4. Do not just barge in or illegally enter your country of destination but follow their asylum process and laws.
  5. Be productive and do everything necessary to positively adapt to the place you are in. Be that model citizen.

We are all citizens of this world. Never exploit anyone or anything, but do what it takes to make travel and migration safe and orderly.

Home Makeover: Home Office Ideas (Spencer & Katie)

Working from home these days has never been more pronounced – what with interconnectivity and the continued advancements in computers, gadgets, and apps – or, in technology as a whole.

If you are one of those with home offices, or still planning to have one – then this feature is especially for you – Home Office Makeover with IKEA..

Spencer and Katie works at home but obviously, their office is a bit cluttered – and so the need for a makeover.

And, what do you know? It’s basically all about having a good cable management system. In this case, those cabinets, sliding doors, and a little rearrangement clearly did the trick of not only fixing their cables but making the Perry’s Home Office more inspiring..

Want to work from home now?

If you work jus…

If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours. – Ray Kroc

While we all need money, we can’t be too focused on it. Everything would come much easier if only you think of serving first before collecting – of course, especially if you’re into business.

With good customer service, the customer gives you that thumb of approval; that invaluable word-of-mouth promotion; and that “natural” cash flow. We know it but why are many still falling short? Sincerity, that’s it!

Strive to satisfy your customers in ways you can, in ways useful to them… and you would be rewarded with loyalty. Here, your success and sustainability is at stake.

Snacking out…

…with munchkins. As you see in the photo, working while snacking at a mall is fun; and many ideas come up one’s mind! Hmm…

Working at a corner ...
Working at a corner …

Be careful with your food intake though. See, donuts are good but too much of it may affect your heart health, what with the increase in triglyceride levels after consumption. Uh oh, this heart health is for everybody, young and old alike. Notice the increasing heart problems of youngsters in our society nowadays? So, take it slow…

At any rate, it’s always a treat to be at Dunkin’ Donuts. They are wi-fi equipped, good location – I’m in the corner table on the corner of a mall location. So indeed, good for working too. And of course, their ever evolving products.. from donuts to sandwiches and all.

Well, time to check out now.. see yah!

Wine… Anyone?

At the end of the day, it’s certainly good to take even a shot of your favorite wine. All those stress and pressures at work bottled up — and now ready to be poured, and consumed. Yes!

Oh besides, bet you know about the health benefits of wine intake, huh? Good for the heart, a powerful antioxidant and all those stuff. So, it even adds more to that pleasure of taking a shot.

And the best wine is ...
And the Best wine is…

But wait. I didn’t say get washed up everyday — how about work, or school? Discipline is key here. Don’t get drunk unless it’s a weekend.

Really, don’t just be in a hurry to gulp. More so, while there are advantages in having a drink — you also got to be cautious in filling your belly. Just like exercising — don’t push it too hard if you have not sweat it out for awhile. Take it nice and easy… and work your way up gradually¬†until you get the load that suits you.

And if you don’t really drink — better stay still. Otherwise, just have a sip for starters. This makes it more important to understand a wine’s content and your body’s limits. Right, not to take out all the fun but we do have limits — so, choose your wine well.

Fortunately, and many times, your palate just¬†knows the Best wine for you…