Web companies, on TV advertisements?

Web companies, on TV advertisements?

You may have noticed them on the net, or you may have not. But now, you see them on TV. I mean these web companies.

Yes, they are now trying to get your attention through TV. This only means that TV has never really lost its appeal and effectiveness.. and although it’s a big boost to big companies, this could be true especially for less established companies.


See, while many spends a lot of time with social media, they still have some TV time. Not just because they want to see their favorite programs on a larger screen, but sometimes, constant “typing on the keyboard” gets on their nerves. Okay, there is this “computer-tv in one” thing but then, not everybody are into the net. So, TV just makes sense.

Bird Flu strikes again!

Bird Flu strikes again

Well, H7N9 has just been spotted in Hong Kong.


Hmm… since HK is part of China, and it’s in China where most of these strains are found – why not study the Chinese environment? The birds’ behavior in connection with the people’s lifestyle? The food preparation in connection with bird migration and poultry maintenance? How about experimenting and examining “strain combinations”?


We can’t just keep “killing all the chickens” in the area… or simply treating those infected with bird flu.

Got to be more proactive.

Delivery through “drones”?

Delivery through “drones”?

Yes, on-line retail giant Amazon has this in mind – to deliver your goods through “drones”. Yup, it’s those unmanned “flying octopuses”, if that’s how you want to call it.


Can you imagine that?

A bit too futuristic huh? Well, on a quick look – yes. But looking deeper, not really. ‘Cause we’re really headed that way. Look at our smartphones, our smartwatches… and even the use of cellphones while 10,000 feet up in the air is being considered.

On hearing this, what came to mind were things like: Wow, this could be noisy. Yes, there’s no traffic but that’s just for the “start”, later on, the air would be something like polluted. Not just the air pollution that we all know but… see, these are like “giant bees” in the air hovering above us that could interfere with nature. And more so, we may not be able to determine if these are not the surveillance kind of thing.

Hmm… this would be pretty interesting though.

In-flight Cellphone calls.. Soon?

In-flight Cellphone calls.. Soon?

Yes, you heard it right. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is considering the lifting of in-flight cellphone calls. And sure many travelers would be glad to hear this news.. of course, except for those who just wants to read or have some quiet time.

Hmm… wonder what happened to those “navigational” issues? Of course, it’s solved.

Anyway, this is how it’d work. Cellphones can’t be used during take-off or while landing, however, when the plane is about 10,000 feet up in the air – passengers could use their phones – to call, text and surf the net.

Well, except for the calling stuff from very excited passengers, that’s actually great.

Nonetheless, at this time, a plane is unlike a restaurant where you could just seat your non-smoking customer to a non-smoking area. So, though things may vary in “class”, imagine the possible noise. Yet again, if crews are just properly instructed to inform passengers not simply to lower their voices but to make urgent calls only then that would be a relief to those who seek peace.

inflight calls

As it is, this could be impossible especially since this is new; and although there is this passenger “class” thing, most fliers would certainly want to experience how it is to call while flying at least for a while … ’til the excitement wears off.

YouTube’s 1st Music Awards

YouTube’s 1st Music Awards

Sure many of you knows by now..?? Just last November 1, South Korea’s Girl’s Generation bagged the 1st YTMA Video of the Year award having over 74 million views and 400,000 plus likes… besting the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and One Direction among others.

Girl's Generation
Girl’s Generation

Problem is, many could not accept it.

Well, that’s understandable. Everybody has their own favorite. Okay, so why was it a problem then? Ah, if you think about it, it’s too simple – it’s just a matter of “sportsmanship” just like seeing your favorite sports team lose and accepting it. Ugh! Of course, that must be pretty tough, especially for die-hards. But then, here’s the catch – so long as you played by the rules and did your best – win or lose, the results become secondary.

Still, it seems like fans of other stars are taking it “down to their bones” … reportedly to the extent of expressing their disappointment in a racist manner. Is that good? Everybody knows the rules, it’s just all about views and likes, so a fan of whoever should simply do what needs to be done – right? View and like.

What happened then, why complain, was there cheating??

We are all in this together, regardless of race. If we only learn to accept each other as God’s children then there would be less chaos; instead, more understanding, real peace, and greater opportunities – for all.

There’s always a next time. Peace!

M&M has a Birthday Cake flavor?

M&M has a Birthday Cake flavor?

birthday cake m&m
It’s not about candy toppings but cake-flavored candy…

It may long have been reported but there’s still a long way to go before it’s finally realized.

Well, I’m talking about none other than the planned birthday cake flavored M&M. Yes, you heard me right – that’s “cake in a candy” coming this May 2014. Whew, still a long time, huh? But I guess, M&M is using publicity as some additional survey – whether if it would be a seasonal thing or a permanent one.

Now, the answer lies in you, in us.

Anyway, can you imagine it, do you like the thought? I mean, we’ve heard of such flavor in yogurts, popcorns and even tea among others … and this perhaps gave the candy-maker the idea to venture into such, which I’m sure they really studied.

Then okay, so how’s the sales doing in those products? Inspiring? Thinking further, M&M is different from them. It has already established its brand as a fine chocolate bite-sized candy. And for it to go into birthday cake flavor is quite interesting.

Yes, we want things to be special, we wish everyday was our birthday if only for the good things that go with it – but the candy should not simply smell like waxed candle, or just taste like icing for that matter. Otherwise, what’s the use? The venture would just be a one-time kind of thing, or seasonal at most. Still, as long as there’s that good ol’ flavored chocolate – it could be something worth waiting for.

Let’s see.